Top 7 Kidney Pain Symptoms

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Kidney pain symptoms can be very subtle and hard to detect. The best method is to review the possible symptoms and try to identify if you have any. If you suspect you have kidney stones or a kidney infection than you should visit a medical professional. These 7 symptoms will often present themselves if you have a kidney disease.

Kidney Pain Symptom 1 – Issues with Urine

A primary function of the kidneys is to make urine, if for any reason then your kidneys have a problem the quickest and surest way to know is via the urine. Kidney pain symptoms associated with urine can included

-          Blood in urine
-          Pain while urinating
-          Increased frequency
-          Feel pressure and have difficulty urinating
-          “foamy” or “bubbly” and dark
Kidney Pain Symptom 2 – Tired all the time
When a kidney infection occurs and kidneys begin to fail they stop making a hormone called erythropoietin. This hormone is required in the production of the oxygen carrying red blood cells. So with a kidney infection there will be less erythropoietin, less red bloods cells and less oxygen making you feel fatigued.
Kidney Pain Symptom 3 – Inflammation / Swelling
Late in kidney failure or infection there will be a buildup of fluid in the ankles, feet and legs.
Kidney Pain Symptom 4 – Rash
The purpose of the kidneys to filter toxins and waste from the bloodstream is vital. When this function doesn’t work there will be a buildup of waste causing severe itching.
Kidney Pain Symptom 5 – Sick to your stomach
As the waste builds up in your system due to your kidneys no  longer being able to remove it as efficiently as it used to you will begin being sick to your stomach. There will also be a loss of appetite for similar reasons.
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Kidney Pain Symptom 6 – Metal Taste
The buildup of toxins will make food taste different, meat in particular will begin to get a metallic taste to it. Weight loss may be associated with kidney failure as you begin to eat less food since you don’t like the taste of it.
Kidney Pain Symptom 7 – Back and Side pain
There is often pain on either side of the spine on the lower back associated with kidney pain. The pain can also move to the legs and either side of your lower back. It can be difficult to distinguish between lower back pain and kidney pain.
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